Friday, September 29, 2006

Manic Mookaite-SOLD

Crazy mix of mookaite cylinders, glass beads, and metal spacers. Designed to fit small to medium wrists. Burgundy, lavender, and yellow hues make this a perfect accessory for all your fall fashions.

Chunky Agate--SOLD

Designed to fit small to medium wrists, this funky bracelet contains chunky agate beads.

Green With Envy--SOLD

An eclectic piece featuring yellow turquoise, new jade, adventurine and a slender mother-of-pearl pendant.

Tigereye Dangles--SOLD

Lacy vermeil earrings with fiery little tiger's eye beads.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Peacock Pearls-$10

Ultra-feminine pearl earrings featuring antique silver accents. The pearls are dark gray with a faint iridescent sheen.

Dolly's Design-Not For Sale

I created this necklace & bracelet set for a co-worker who just loved wood beads. She's a frequent buyer of my wares, so this was sort of a customer appreciation gift.

And she REALLY appreciated it!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lavender Moukite-$12

Sweet earrings featuring a unique shade of moukite. Moukite (also spelled mookite, moukaite) is a member of the jasper family. I fell in love with this stone at the bead show a couple months ago. Perfect for fall, its shades range from light lemon yellow to mustard yellow, rose pink, muted shades of purple and deep burgundies all the way to the "veined varieties" which sometimes look like tie dye.

You'll be seeing a lot of this on my site. Especially after the next bead show in December!

East of India-$7

Inspired by traditional East Indian art, these earrings feature handmade glass beads with a paisley design.

Black & White-$10

Basic bracelet made of fancy glass beads. Created to fit a large wrist, but can be resized at no extra charge.

Cosmic Purple-$10

Funky bracelet featuring purple and silver glass beads. Created to fit larger wrists but can be resized (for no extra charge) upon request.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This bracelet features agate beads of various shapes and sizes. The larger stones have inclusions which add to the unique natural beauty of the piece.

Designed for a size 8 1/2 wrist but can be resized to fit you perfectly.

Fabric Grab Bag #2-$5.00

More pretty treasures that I simply must part with. Most of these are upholstery fabric remnants. Decadent, sturdy fabrics...great for making handbags. (Which was my original intent!)

Not a whole lot of yardage...but plenty of fabric to make yourself something cool.


Fabric Grab Bag #1-$7.50

Help!!! My craft supplies runneth over! I have more crafts than I have something's gotta give. Treat yourself to a grab bag of assorted fabrics from my collection. Some of these are remnants, some are a yard or 2 in length. All are beautiful! Fabrics have not been laundered and still have original sizing on them.

Buy this bag and make something cool...I'll even post a pic of your creation on this site.

As always, shipping is FREE. If you have any questions about this lot, please leave them as a comment.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Turquoise & Coral-$25

Bold necklace featuring coral chips and a large turquoise nugget. Contains sterling silver, antique silver, and base metal findings.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chunky Tiger's Eye-$25

Bold piece featuring gorgeous chunky tiger eye beads and gold-filled jump ring accents.
Please include wrist measurement when ordering for proper fit.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Autumn Path-$25

Another celebration of nature's beauty. This piece features turquoise chips and carnelian rondelles around a polished Unakite nugget.

Can be sized to fit any wrist.

Spiral of Life-$15

Earthy bracelet featuring a picture jasper centerpiece, brown mother of pearl discs, and calcite nuggets.

At the center, a silver spiral symbolizes sacred Mother energy.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Butterfly Wisdom-$25

Many cultures believe that Turquoise will bring financial success and wisdom to those who wear it. This piece consists of Turquoise chips and a carved Jadeite centerpiece.

Also is included is a silver butterfly. These creatures symbolize transition, more specifically transition from a bad situation to a more positive one.

This bracelet may not make you rich, but your friends will think you spent a fortune on such a unique Art Deco accessory.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trick or Treat $6 each

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I just had to make some fun goodies to mark the occasion.
These are stretch bracelets made with glass and /or resin beads. The pumpkins and candy corn beads are handmade glass. Not by me though! I'm quite flammable.

They look good enough to eat. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a good dental plan. Still...less calories than real candy

Autumn Leaves $15

This piece captures a little more of the beauty of Fall. It contains glass beads in various green, brown, and golden hues.

Like all of my creations, this one can be sized to fit you perfectly. Just include your wrist measurement in your e-mail message.

Autumn Bouquet $15

Lately I've been really inspired by nature. Especially the colors of the Fall leaves.
This bracelet is a celebration of the season and the timeless beauty of Mother Nature.

Stepping Stones $15

This bracelet is one of my faves.
It goes with everything!
It contains white agate,
brown agate, and tiger iron
beads. Glass beads and metal
spacers complete the earthy

Tomato Patch $15

Various hues of red glass beads
were used to create this look.