Friday, January 26, 2007

Ice Storm-SOLD

Picasso jasper & lava combine in this elegant bracelet. Simple hook clasp ensures that this piece will fit any wrist. Silver-plated chain accentuate the icy feel of this piece.

Savage Heart-SOLD

This unique piece combines suede lace, fiber embellishments, agate beads and a quartz donut into a celebration of wilderness and nature. Necklace is 23 inces long with a fancy hook clasp.

Sand and Sea-SOLD

Bold adjustable choker featuring natural turquoise, bamboo coral, black coral, and labradorite on a silver-plated chain. Clasp is sterling silver.


Simple necklace featuring mother-of-pearl and black coral on goldtone chain.

Adjustable for comfort, total length of this piece is 17 inches.

Fire Goddess-SOLD

Stunning lariat composed of red agate, carnelian, moukaite and desert jasper and finished with a fiery red sardonyx pendant.

Perfect for the goddess in your life.

Due to the size of the stones, this necklace is a bit heavy, but is still quite comfortable to wear.

The Zenith-SOLD

This adjustable necklace features Botswana agate, tiny freshwater pearls, blackstone and a gorgeous black sardonyx pendant, all strung on silver-plated chain.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Salute the Sun---SOLD

Necklace & earring set. Earrings are made of carnelian & moukaite. Choker features gold coral, carnelian, and glass beads.

An Early Spring--SOLD

Beautiful, feminine bracelet featuring yellow turquoise, jade, and smoky crystals surrounding a rhodonite nugget.

Fits size 7 1/2 -7 3/4 inch wrist

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blue & Silver Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Crystal Cellphone Angel--SOLD

This one is a little smaller than the others. Features a beautiful green faceted crystal.

Purple Cellphone Angel---SOLD

Green Cellphone Angel---SOLD

Pink Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Cellphone Angel Charm--SOLD

Polka Dot Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Red Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Blue Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Amethyst Cellphone Angel--SOLD

Angel cellphone charm made with genuine amethyst nugget and metal angel bead.

Ivory Cellphone Angel--SOLD

An angel charm for your cellphone. Ivory glass bead and metal angel bead on a cellphone strap.

Purple Angel Cellphone Charm--SOLD

Angel charm for your cellphone. Made with purple glass bead and angel bead. Comes with strap.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Flights of Fancy--SOLD

Fancy, feathery earrings designed for holiday fetes.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Modern Mauve--SOLD

More stunning moukaite. These beauties feature yellow & burgundy moukaite, golden accents and chain tassels.


Gorgeous agate rectangles accented with tiny tiger's eye beads and long, sexy tassels.


Lavender moukaite paired with golden accents and chain tassels

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Wilma--SOLD

This piece gets its name from the huge primitive agate beads. The original design was composed of the agate barrels and metal spacers, it looked like something Wilma Flintstone would wear. Except that it was heavy enough to crush your trachea. So, I went back to the drawing board and this was the end result.

It's still a tad heavy due to the sheer size of the agates, but not uncomfortably so. It's sized slightly larger than a choker.

As always, shipping is included. Gift boxing available upon request at no extra charge.

*Hint, hint, it goes perfectly with the chunky agate bracelet featured below. If you'd like to purchase them as a set, we can talk.

Orient Express $9.00-SOLD

Colorful bracelet made with bamboo coral nuggets, wooden & glass beads, and metal accents. Sized to fit larger wrists.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Manic Mookaite-SOLD

Crazy mix of mookaite cylinders, glass beads, and metal spacers. Designed to fit small to medium wrists. Burgundy, lavender, and yellow hues make this a perfect accessory for all your fall fashions.

Chunky Agate--SOLD

Designed to fit small to medium wrists, this funky bracelet contains chunky agate beads.

Green With Envy--SOLD

An eclectic piece featuring yellow turquoise, new jade, adventurine and a slender mother-of-pearl pendant.

Tigereye Dangles--SOLD

Lacy vermeil earrings with fiery little tiger's eye beads.